Eli (egoldberg) wrote,

The self-love diet

I've been on a self-made diet now for 5 weeks, and I've taken off five pounds in that time. Wanted to put down the "rules" that evolved, both for my own use, and for friends since diets seem to have a bad name.

#1: I am changing my diet and lifestyle as an expression of love and care for my own body. I will not "punish" or "deprive" myself.

#2: I will eat any healthy food that I love whenever I want it, and won't regret spending top dollar at the farmer's market: organic blueberries, strawberries, peaches, apricots -- and fresh produce, etc.

#3: If I'm not hungry anymore, I won't keep eating.

#4: If I know rationally I've eaten a normal number of calories for the day (~2000), I won't eat more high-calorie foods even if I "feel" hunger. As I learned on the Alaska cruise, people feel hungry for many reasons beyond caloric need. But I will never "starve" myself or deprive myself of what my body needs.

#5: I will do 2500 calories of exercise every week. It seems like a lot of work, but it isn't any more than what I got each week just biking normally around Enschede.

#6: If I choose to eat foods that I know are toxic for me, I will do so with enjoyment and without guilt -- but also in moderation. (e.g. sharing a fish & chips platter with a friend last Saturday) If it's unhealthy and I don't even like it, I won't eat it anymore.

#7: I choose to never feel bad about my weight or my image in the mirror -- as long as I am honoring the above 6 rules.
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