Eli (egoldberg) wrote,

30-CD boxes available from my folk/celtic/harp/new age collection: $60/box

For friends from the filk world…

When I lived in California, I used to go to Amoeba Records on weekends and pick up used Celtic/Folk/New Age & Harp music CDs that looked interesting to someone with filk/folk-oriented taste. In the iPod era, these CDs have been sitting in boxes in my closet. I'd like to offer these for $60/box (+ $5 media mail shipping) -- about $2/CD.

All proceeds will support Julia Ecklar's new CD (to help cover Michael's temporary housing while in Pittsburgh working on the CD)

If you'd like a box, here's how it works:

* Reply here (on LiveJournal) with which box you want and how to reach you. (first dibs on boxes)
* I'll send you a $65 Paypal invoice.
* Your CDs will be mailed within 5 days via Media Mail and will arrive early-to-mid January.
* Optional: pick one CD from the box that doesn't interest you, and I'll swap it before mailing for the Prometheus CD of your choice.

You can get an idea of what CDs are in what boxes:

[box 1]
[box 2 & 3]
[box 4]

(As a reminder, these are used CDs. Nearly all play fine, but it's likely a few will have scratches and may not be playable on all CD players.)
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