Eli (egoldberg) wrote,

Finally declined for a credit card at age 36, first time ever.

First time I've ever been turned down for a credit card: what an alternate universe -- paying off your bill in full and in a timely fashion qualifies you as a deadbeat in their universe!

(In truth, I just wanted the $100 reward and then I'd planned to cancel the card anyway after 6 months, so they were right to decline it.)


Why we're writing you

Thank you for applying for the Citi(R) Diamond Preferred(R)
Rewards MasterCard(R) account. Unfortunately, we are unable
to approve your request for the account at this time because
of the following:

o Your credit bureau report shows you have no revolving
accounts with a balance.

If your financial situation changes and you would like
to reapply for an account, visit us at www.citicards.com.
We appreciate your interest and hope to have the opportunity
to fulfill your request in the future.
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