August 22nd, 2009


The unreported indie music story of the year: CD Baby is dead

Derek Sivers doesn't even know anyone at CD Baby anymore.

Amazing that nobody in the indie music press has picked up on the backlash to the new artist back-end & resulting lack of any customer service or accountability after he sold the company to Discmakers.

(see comments at bottom from Derek):

CD Baby was all written in PHP + MySQL + Linux. Disc Makers is all Windows. They needed to integrate CD Baby into their Windows system. That's why they had to rewrite. Unfortunate necessity. -- Derek

Frustrating for me, too. I get about 5 emails a day from people having that same problem. Sorry I don't know anyone there anymore, so I have no insider advice. :-( -- Derek

I'm not in contact with them, and didn't even know about this relaunch in advance, but I'm quite sure they won't roll-back and use my old version again. Sorry! -- Derek

The love is also rapidly dissipating from even CD Baby's own forums:

I wonder how many people will be boycotting Discmakers and switching to Oasis for this?